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Cold Germany gets its Katrina back - a Alemanha frio começa para trás seu Katrina


Santa Claus`day.... Within the morning hours I already got my first two presents. Seems to me that Clausi had looked for my shoes only with one eye. :-) But doesn`t matter. I got sufficient chocolate! ;-) And this is very useful to survive here in good (cold!) old Germany after spending three months in hot Brasil. Mh, mh... so gives me this amazing warm feelings, only chocolate can give you if you are a woman... the first Clausi just lost his chocolate-head right in this moment!!!

PS: Just tried riding on my horse-animal "Giaccomo" today at six a.m. made me very warm too, and is much more healthy... I know... so decided to get me warmer with volleyball in the evening... now I feel like sitting in a "Sauna"!!

So, what am I doing here... right now... without the IAESTis from SP and Campinas, without the república from Rio Pequeno, without my new beloved family from Rua Piracuma and Rua Caetes, without my second wife in future Nicoletta.....

Dear reader, this seems to be a sad ending but never mind. I`m getting well and try to safe all the amazing experiences I made, new friend-ships and in front of all: the language... all in all with this homepage for you.... !!!! And hope you enjoy my life here in germany with me!

Finally, my dears, everybody of you is invited to join me in Stuttgart, any time you want to. Perhaps, some time, I can try to give you a bit of that back what you have given me during the last three months!!

Beijos... yours Katrina alias Katrin-Crazy-Love

6.12.06 23:38

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Vitor Borysow (7.12.06 13:10)
Hallo Katrin,

Es freut mich gern dich zu horen. Você voltou para a Alemanha a tempo de escapar das chuvas que inundaram São Paulo!!! Agora todos ficam com medo de voltar para a casa depois da 17h...

É triste que não tenhamos nos encontrado mais vezes... mas quem sabe não nos vemos na Alemanha?



Katrina (8.12.06 16:47)
Vito, querido....

que surpresa... me fico também feliz oviar de vc...aqui a gente somente tem chuva também... espero de nevi para o natal :-)
mas sabi que SP vai tever um tempo horrível... Fui uma signa....O céu gritou para mim…hihihihiiii :-)

Agora ele vou calmar, eu espero, que vc tem uma primavera calor e agradável....

beijos katrin

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