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Saturday, 24/03/2007

It’s been a long time since I made my last “Blog” in here. *tz, tz, tz* Time went by so fast during the last three months. You can compare it with the time, I spent in Brazil. But what are the news here in “Good Cold Old Germany”…

First of all, I didn`t managed out to repair my computer. I have to be lucky to get five minutes of connection to the outside world via internet. Actually this is not enough time to enter all my messengers and get in great conversation, but it’s quite enough to check my E-mail. So please don’t be worried if you hear nothing of me!!! The solution is quite near!!

To start from the beginning:

  1. I took part in my Portuguese language course for only three hours and gave up! In two weeks the new course starts, I will be one of the most motivated members, for sure!!!
  2. I spent all my money (Christmas Eve – Yiphhii!!) to get my car repaired. Soon there was nothing left to buy me a new ticket to Brazil. In these days I am working for my university, to get a bit of the money back, but I guess it will take months!
  3. All in all, it feels like beeing the same to be back here, or perhaps worse. University, bad exams, playing volleyball, friends getting sick of cancer, love passing by – coming and going, future plans to be solved…. REALITY who makes you think about: What are your dreams in your life? What goals do you like to reach?

Sounds a bit pessimistic? Actually not, I guess I am dealing well with this. Perhaps that are the questions I should have ask a few years earlier, to outline better, what I desire in life. But I didn’t finished yet. I am just in the beginning to look for questions and search for answers.

To end for today, there are also some good news: the visit of Erica in Basel - Switzerland. For the ones, who don’t know Erica: I met her in São Paulo last year, a warm – friendly – gentle person. We spent the whole weekeend with walking through the city, sight-seeing and the “Vogel Gryff”-opening. Vogel Gryff is one of the figures related to the time around carneval. Perhaps you better ask Erica about his determination.


We had some kind of Brazilian Carneval here in Stuttgart at 17/02/2007 – the weekend of Carneval in Germany! What kind of feeling a bit like home to feel the small Brazilian flair, to hear the music! *Carolina and Osi: Your Smaba music stays to be a very good taste! J*

In addition, I got my friend Asli back. She stayed in Belo Horizonte and travelled the last two months around Brazil. I was so happy to see her here in Stuttgart, even to see Nadine in Berlin on Christmas. It always gives me the feeling, that I do not dream, that São was reality! Crazy!!!

I miss you all and hug and kiss you, until later!!!

24.3.07 13:38


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