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Strawberry Cakes and filled Mushrooms - Bolos de morango e Fungos recheados

Sunday, 15/04/2007

Domingo, 15/04/2007

Strawberry Cakes and filled mushrooms

For the little strawberry cakes take:

  1. already prepared little cake forms (if you like, you can bake them for your own, but it`s easier to buy them ready in the super-market J )
  2. wash and clean the strawberries, after that cut them in halfes
  3. prepare pudding with vanilla flavour and fullfill the little cakes each with a portion of puddding
  4. arrange the halfes on the cake and press them slightly into the pudding
  5. wait until the pudding is getting hard and serve the cakes with a bit of cream

For the mushrooms (very good for a babecue) take:

  1. the bigger sorte of mushrooms(e.g. Champignons, or which sorte you like more)
  2. Clean the mushrooms and remove the handle
  3. Fill the mushroom with cheese of sheep and pour a bit of olive oil over it (you don`t need any salt or pepper!)
  4. wind it in aluminium foil and put it in the glowing coal of the grill
  5. after about ten minutes the mushrooms are ready for eating

15.4.07 12:35

christmas-party in the stable - festa de natal no stablo


Blond Angel - the most hottest and sweetest drink of the evening

1. take as much as plum liqueur as you like and make it hot

2. prepare sweet cream - strike it until its getting rigid

3. fill the hot liqueur in glases and serve it with a top of sweet cream

Anjo blond - a mais quente e doce bebida da noite

1. pega liqueur de ameixa como vc quer e faz ele quente

2. prepara a crema de leite - batida ela até ela está rigida

3. enche o qunete liqueur em copos e serve com um alto da crema de



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